About the Founder/President:

Mark Sterling Moore is an author, commentator, writer, family historian and Founder/President of the Fine Ancestry Project, an online endeavor to document, promote, and celebrate historically significant African American families while preserving their enduring legacy. Mr. Moore is also the Spokesperson for the Descendants of the Black Fives Era, a group that includes the relatives, children, descendants, and friends of the original pioneering black professional basketball players and coaches who played on segregated teams from 1904-1950, before the integration of the NBA, while breaking down racial barriers and trailblazing a bright path for today's basketball stars.

As a TV commentator, Mr. Moore has been featured as an expert on ESPN's Sports Emmy Award winning program Outside the Lines.

As a seventh generation Philadelphian (through his maternal-line going back over 180 years) and the grandson of the late Helen Moore, second wife of legendary Philadelphia civil rights leader, politician, lawyer, and former Philadelphia NAACP President Cecil B. Moore, Mark Sterling Moore has developed a keen interest in history, politics, and cuture particularly in relation to the African American experience.

Mark Sterling Moore attended Villanova University where he was 1 of 8 students selected out of a student body of almost 8000, to work as a trained tutor at the writing center for students taking writing enriched and writing intensive courses, eventually tutoring hundreds of fellow students in all aspects of the writing process during his tenure.

Mr. Moore is author of the upcoming book Witness to America's Black Saga: African American History seen through the Eyes of the Accooe Family.

Mark Sterling Moore