The Fortenís were a pioneering, wealthy, and educated African American family dating back to the early founding of the city of Philadelphia during the 1600ís; Family members participated in the American Revolutionary War, and supported the effort in the War of 1812. The Forten's were instrumental in establishing and financing the first independent African American institutions in America, and their contribution to the formation of African American society itself cannot be measured. As leaders in the abolitionist movement, the Forten family founded and financed 6 abolitionist organizations, and personally participated in the Underground Railroad.

1st Generation:

Thomas Fortune (Forten) (?-1774)(Philadelphia, Pa)  and Margaret Waymouth (1722-1806)

2nd Generation Children:
Abigail Forten (1763-1846) (Philadelphia, Pa)
James Forten (1766-1842) (Philadelphia, Pa)


2nd Generation:

James Forten (1766-1842) (Philadelphia, Pa)  and Charlotte Vandine (1785-1884)

3rd Generation Children:
Harriet Forten Purvis (1810-1875)(Philadelphia, Pa)
Robert Bridges Forten (1813-1864) (Philadelphia, Pa)
Sarah Forten Purvis (1814-1883)(Philadelphia, Pa)
Margaretta Forten (1815-1875)(Philadelphia, Pa)
James Forten Jr. (1817-?)(Philadelphia, Pa)
William Deas Forten (1823-1900)(Philadelphia, Pa)
Thomas Francis William Forten (?) (Philadelphia, Pa)

Abigail Forten (1763-1846) (Philadelphia, Pa)  and William Dunbar

3rd Generation Children:
Margaret Dunbar
Nicholas Dunbar
William Dunbar jr.
James Forten Dunbar

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